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2 The Fox and the Hound

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 The Fox and the Hound (Disney film)


The Fox and the Hound
The Fox and the Hound
 2006 marked The Fox and the Hound's
Background information
Title The Fox and the Hound
Based on "The Fox and the Hound" by Daniel P. Mannix
Released on July 10, 1981
Disney Feature # 24
Rated G (General audiences)
Running time 83 minutes
Official site The Fox and the Hound
Fox & Hound


Todd is adopted by Widow Tweed when he is a cub.



Copper is a hound dog.  His owner Amos Slade is a hunter.

Other Characters
Amos Slade, Chief, Widow, Dinky, Boomer, Big Mamma, Squeaks, and Vixey

The Fox and the Hound is a bittersweet disney film.  It is a story about the friendship between Todd and Copper who just want to be friends but are forced by society to become enemies.  There are some useful moral lessons for the little ones.  You might want to consider watching this movie with your younger students, siblings, or children and have a discussion about it afterwards. 

Who knows, you might learn something!


Table of Contents

Synopsis (below)


Discussion Topics

Anti-discrimintory and Beyond



The story opens with a chase of a fox and its cub by a hound dog and a hunter.  The outcome of the chase leaves the cub an oprhan.  The cub, with the help of Big Mamma, is adopted by Widow Tweed and named Todd.  A little distance away, Widow Tweed's neighbor, Amos Slade brings home a pup named Copper.


Todd and Copper meet as cub and pup.  They quickly become friends and promise to be friends forever; however, things don't go so smoothly when Copper's owner, Amos, finds Todd in his yard.  Todd is chased by Amos with a gun until Tweed stops him from hurting Todd.  Slade vows to kill Todd if he intrudes again, so Todd and Copper are forced to keep their friendship a secret.  Copper is put on a leash by Amos to prevent future wanderings.


Todd is forced to stay away from Copper, and Copper is torn between his loyalty for his master and his friend. 


Hunting season arrives and Copper goes away with his owner and Chief to be trained to become a real hunting dog.  The fox and the hound mature into adulthood, and Copper returns.


Adult Copper:      It's great to see you, Tod.  But you know, you-- you shouldn't be over here.  You're

                           going get us both into a lot of trouble.

Adult Tod:           Look, I-- I just wanted to see you. We're still friends, aren't we?

Adult Copper:      Tod... those days are over. I'm a hunting dog now.


Amos sees Todd on his property and chases him.  Copper catches Todd but decides to let's him go "just this one time"; however, chief continues to pursue Todd until Chief is struck by a train and falls off the railraod tracks into the waters below.  Chief is injured and Copper and Slade vow vengence against Todd.


Fearing the safety of Todd, Widow Tweed decides to release the fox in to the wild.  Once alone, Todd struggles to stay warm, dry, and find a place to sleepuntil he meets Vixey. 


Things arent peaceful for long when Slade figures out Todd's whereabouts and begins hunting for him. 


While chasing Todd, Slade unintentionally provokes a bear attack.  He gets stuck in his own trap and is uable to reach his gun to protect himself.  Copper unsucessfuly attempts to save his master and becomes injured.

SuniHearing the cries of his friend, Todd runs back to Copper and fights off the bear.


Injured Todd is unable to run from Slade who approaches the fox with a pointed gun.  Copper sees this and gets in the way of Slade's shot to protect his friend. 


The two friends go their separate ways but not before exchanging one last friendly smile. 


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